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Lodge Park Academy

Lodge Park Academy understands the importance of a strong academic foundation. Our academy offers a diverse curriculum and enrichment offering to create well-rounded and confident students.


The House System creates a sense of belonging and pride. It establishes a caring, supportive environment in which each student is a valued member of a small ‘family unit’, the tutor group, within a slightly larger unit, the house, within a larger ‘family’ the whole school.


The House System supports students, develops their strength within a group and create bonds with students of all different ages, which mirrors everyday life. We promote and provide opportunity for student voice, student responsibility, team building, leadership skills and co-operation. The house system is underpinned by the academy core values with competitions organised to develop the characters of each individual student.


Whilst we are four houses, we are one community creating a school which the students, parents, staff, governors and wider community can be proud of. 


The four Houses provide team spirit and competition across not only Lodge Park Academy but the David Ross Education Trust.

This competitive angle is used to raise standards in areas of Sport, Music and Drama, Attendance, Homework, Academic Success, Community, Charity Links and Enterprise.

Please see our Big Reveal assembly here

Each House is identified by a colour. We are currently undergoing a revamp of our House system and are consulting with our students, staff and parents regarding a new set of names. 

Currently the four Houses at Lodge Park are:








Red Kite



The house competition calendar will be carefully structured to provide a broad range of competitions. Competitions will be split into strands including Community, Performance, Subject Specific, Sport and Academic (Attitude to Learning,  (ATL) & Attendance).

Competitions are selected in a number of ways including student voice/feedback to provide competitions to ensure students get an offer to meet their interests.

Community competitions are extremely important to engage our community.



The house system provides many student leadership opportunities and those students work closely with Senior Leadership Teams, Heads of House and the Games Maker. Their roles support them to further develop the school values.


The winning house at the end of the academic year are rewarded with a rewards afternoon.

This is the incentive throughout the year and is referred to regularly within assemblies to maintain high motivation.


We have a rewards-based initiative where each tutor group works there way around their houseopoly boards in return for various rewards,

Tutor groups are rewarded with houseopoly cards through attendance, ATL, equipment, academic excellence, behaviour, roll call and tutor of the week.

On reaching Chance or Community Chest tutor groups are set under cover missions to complete in return for a set amount of house points. 

Rewards include Head of House reward, Vice Principal reward, Principal's reward and much more.

On completion of the board tutor groups are rewarded with a three-course sit down lunch with the menu selected by themselves.